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…That when an original piece of music is created the Copyright Law gives its composer certain rights over its use? This means that almost all music in popular demand-including folk, rock, calypso, reggae, jazz, classical, pop etc- it is copyright.

…That one of the provisions of the Copyright Law is that you may not perform or allow the performance of any copyright music in public without the permission of the copyright owner?

…That “In Public” means anywhere outside your domestic circle?



…If copyright music is performed in public on your premises by any means at all, you need a licence. If you do not have one you are infringing someone’s legal rights and could become liable to pay damages and be ordered by the court to cease all musical performance.




What is JACAP?

The Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (JACAP)
a non-profit making association, represents the composers and publishers of practically all copyright music and for a modest charge will grant you a licence allowing the performance of virtually any copyright music you choose.
Of course you must get a licence before your performances begin. Just think instead of having to get in touch with composers or publishers all over the world for permission to have their music publicly performed, all you have to do is take out a single JACAP licence.

Who needs a JACAP licence?
JACAP Public Performance licenses are required by premises which use music. These range from concert halls and dance halls through public houses, hotels and restaurants to ships, aircraft, hairdressers, doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms and even telephone ‘holding’ systems.
A JACAP licence is usually reassessed annually.
A JACAP licence is also required by every radio and television service and almost every satellite service based in Jamaica as well as by cable operators for certain of their services. But these licenses only cover the original transmission into private homes not to public places that use radio and/or television to provide entertainment or atmosphere for patrons, the general public or staff. The operators of these premises require a separate licence.

What does JACAP do for music users?
It is a well known fact that music is good for business. By taking out a JACAP licence and paying the appropriate fee any music user can legally use just about any music, from anywhere in the world, since JACAP is a part of the international network of similar societies. [The umbrella organisation for copyright societies is CISAC. The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers and JACAP is a member.

21 Connolley Avenue, Kingston 4, Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 948-6439, (876) 948-5937,  Fax: (876) 922-1638

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