We seek to showcase the very best as it relates to quality output; hence the importance to have on board the very best quality Announcers. Each Announcer can be reached via live chat (based on on-air schedule), as well as by telephoning the station. Each segment is designed based on the expectation of the station. However, it is also geared toward the personality of the assigned Announcer.

To access profile on each announcer, visit schedule and click on the daily programs.

There is always a possibility for intern Announcers who are being trained in the said field at an institution that is recognized and accredited.

  • Outside Broadcast

    We have special packages for outside broadcasts of any nature relating to good moral concepts. So, please feel free to contact our Sales and Marketing Department and share your ideas with us.

  • Interviews

    If you are interested in promotion or any other form of publicity that requires interviews, call us now at 876-969-3013 and speak with our team for special interviews.

  • Sending Direct Album

    You may feel free to send your album or singles to our main offices at 38 Cassia Park Road, Kingston 10 and allow time for your music to be reviewed by our Librarian.

  • Donations

    We will accept any form of financial assistance as we continue to expand our reach...we accept pledges as part of our continued development

  • Advertise with us

    There are special features in different segments. If you desire to advertise within any of these segments or to sponsor a feature, please let us know.

  • Media Consultation

    For any form of media consultation, feel free to call our offices and someone will be willing to assist you in any way possible. We are willing to make appointments with you.

  • Sending Music via Email

    To send gospel music to Gospel JA fm via email, please send in MP3 format to and allow time for your music to be reviewed by our Librarian.

  • News

    We continue to provide our listeners with the latest news round-up from here in Jamaica and across the globe.

  • Genres and Styles

    We play ONLY gospel music. We also seek to give new artistes an avenue to showcase their talents while guiding them to be focused spiritually and treat their singing career as a God-given ministry.